Slowly beginning to frame some of my artwork to remind myself of how much fun my short lived (and possibly not over) tattoo career was. #traditionaltattoo #bobwicks #1920stattoo #drphmartins #spitshade #tattooartwork #flashsheet

I’ve listed a few more items to the store today (more on the way this week). You’ll find more artwork, most of which was from my apprenticeship last year. I’m trying to gauge interest with my art overall, so just click the link or post a wordy comment if you don’t want to spend money. Thanks for your support. #spitshade #traditionaltattooer #bobwicks #tattooart #watercolorflash #tattooflashsheet
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"Work Hard"

Original painting, 2013.

This particular painting of mine has seen growing popularity so I’m now offering prints. I’ve set up a PRE SALE to gauge a sense of interest in how many orders to fulfill. If you’d like to own yourself a copy, please follow this link.





JP Bevins’ 4x5 film portraits from the first ever women’s field at the Redhook Crit are now viewable online at No Life Like This Life. Here he is on the series:

I wish I could emphasize how much the women of the cycling world coming out and crushing this incredibly hard event, despite the weather conditions, despite a crash during the women’s race that left a racer with a broken collarbone, despite having to travel across the country, overseas, or from their home on the other end of Brooklyn, these women are amazing. I’m honored I was able to shoot them.”

I just wish their names had been included in the post! Here are some more, but definitely check out the site for the full set. They are all gorgeous. 


My helmets crooked!

JP captured us beautifully here, and check out some of the other ladies I had the honor of meeting and racing against during my very first (and most challenging) crit ever.

Here’s a recent shot from my new Olympus XA2 using 35mm Portra 400 film.

This is by far my favorite.

I’m also slowly chipping away at some new stuff from my trip to California from last month. Stay tuned!